Innovation Bootcamp

Personalized workshop and training for introducing innovative solutions, concepts, products or services specially tailored for your enterprise. Increase the level of internal innovation in the enterprise through Design Thinking methodology.

Companies often face difficulties and challenges when it comes to implement innovations in the enterprise. According to Harvard Business Review, the main obstacle for this is the corporate culture and the way corporations work everyday. In order to implement innovations in the enterprise and to successfully launch new products or services, it is necessary to initially introduce a new perspective and a new ‘mindset’ among the employees.

Do you want to implement innovations in your company, new products, new services or new marketing strategies, but you do not know where to get started? Then this training is designed precisely for you and your team.

Through this personalized 5-day intensive workshop / training, using design thinking methodology, a new way of thinking and functioning of corporate culture will be introduced in the enterprise. Design thinking is an innovative method that transforms the way we work everyday. DT is a creative process that introduces new solutions based on user needs. The main goal of this training is to implement innovations in the enterprise, design and test a new products, new marketing strategies, create and test new services etc. At the end of the workshop participants will leave with new tested solutions that will improve the way the company operates.

Innothink uses the Google methodology called Google Design Sprint created in 2010.

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Who is it for?

  • For companies that want to implement innovations
  • For leadership teams that want to encourage their employees to think more innovatively
  • For teams that want to get out of the comfort zone and create something new and useful
  • For employees who will have the opportunity to highlight their innovative potential in a creative environment.

Activities schedule

5 day creative workshop for a total of 30 hours (6 hours a day).

    • Defining the ideal user, ie Buyer Persona.
    • Analysis / revision of the current state of the enterprise.
    • Defining the problem, needs and opportunities.
    • Lean canvas
    • Analysis of case studies
    • Ideas, concepts and defining and starting with a prototype
    • Testing the concept
    • Improving of the concept
    • Customer journey
    • Value proposition canvas
    • Creating a business model
    • Creating of a final prototype
    • Final definition of the ideal solution
    • Presentation in front of company representatives

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