Design Thinking Training

2- day creative workshop that will boost your team’s skills in finding and introducing innovative solutions in your enterprise with the help of Design Thinking methodology.

Design thinking is an innovative approach/method that transforms the way we work everyday. DT is a creative process that introduces new solutions based on people’s’ needs. This methodology allows us to identify the key needs of each user or person, to rapidly create and test prototypes, and to bring new innovative solutions that will fit the identified needs. By applying this process, a number of companies have emerged on the global market, gaining a huge competitive advantage, and have become recognizable by their innovation capacity.

In our 2 days intensive workshop, in a creative setting the participants will learn the Design Thinking method and will practically learn how to apply it in their everyday work. During the workshop participants will develop new ways to collaborate, understand how to create value for their customers, and will learn how to deal with everyday problems by using this methodology.

The purpose of the workshop is not just to teach the process, but to create a new ‘mindset’ that can be easily applied in the future. At the end of the workshop, the participants will leave with newly acquired knowledge, newly acquired skills and a practical and innovative solution that you will create during the workshop.

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Number of participants: Groups of 9 to 30 people open to step out of their comfort zone and preferably working on new products & services or corporate transformation (internal improvements).

The training programme consists of six core parts:

  • Introduction – What is design thinking and how can it be implemented in everyday work? (theoretical part)
  • Design thinking process and tools – Getting to know the tools and methods of design thinking (theoretical and practical)
  • Research and Inspiration – Introduction to the practical part by learning about the needs of future users
  • Generating Ideas/solutions – How to Think Out of the Box?
  • Create/Prototype – How to turn your idea into reality?
  • Shareback – Share your solutions with the whole group, feedback and reflection

Design thinking tools that will be used during the workshop:

  • Persona
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Rapid concept development
  • Value proposition design
  • Customer co-creation
  • Open innovation
  • Storytelling
  • Interview guide
  • Prototype testing plan
  • Thinking hats

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