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Virtual Design Thinking Workshop



1. Иван Зографски

CEO & co-founder at Solveo

2.Ана Мијоска

Design Thinking Facilitator

3.Лела Анастасова 

Project Lead & Design Thinking Facilitator

Course Overview

Interactive two-day training for Design Thinking methodology.

This workshop covers the entire Design Thinking process and trains all participants on how to apply the methodology on their own after the training. During these two days, you and your team will master the basics of Design Thinking and all the help tools adapted to the needs of your company. The Virtual Design Thinking workshop will help you as a team to overcome challenges through a new approach, transforming the way you and your employees work, think and solve everyday problems.


What is Design Thinking Methodology?

As one of the most popular creation methods used worldwide, the Design Thinking methodology creates new innovative products and services according to the needs of the users themselves. In addition, this methodology is a great way to improve overall productivity and motivation in a company, because it changes the way employees think and deal with everyday problems. Through the application of this process, a number of companies have risen to the market, stood out from the competition and become recognizable for their innovation.

  • 32% increased revenue
  • 52% return on investment
  • 33% faster launch of new products


What will the members of your team learn at this virtual workshop?

  • How to define a problem
  • Detection of the target group
  • How to empathize with customer / consumer issues
  • Making prototypes and testing them
  • Effective communication and collaboration in a virtual environment
  • New tools that will work virtually and more efficiently
  • A new perspective for the team, and greater self-confidence in solving everyday challenges


What it takes to be part of a Virtual Design Thinking Workshop?

In just 2 days and 2 sessions you will master Design Thinking methodology and its tools and you will be able to apply the new knowledge. All you need is a computer or laptop, good internet, a microphone and a camera.

Access to this workshop is easy and simple, and tools will be used that will be practical for both you and your team. The basic tools used for this workshop are Zoom and Google Drive.


Duration of the Virtual Design Thinking Workshop

The total duration of the Virtual Design Thinking workshop is 2 consecutive days.

At the virtual Design Thinking workshop, you will master the whole Design Thinking process, you will be introduced to practical tools that will offer you a new perspective and make you work more efficiently.


Who is the virtual Design Thinking workshop for?

No matter what industry or sector you work in, this workshop will allow you to overcome all the challenges of the current situation – as a team. Design Thinking will inspire, motivate and teach you how to become more effective, creative, and innovative in your daily work.


Workshop realization conditions :

The minimum number to organize a virtual workshop is 10 registered employees.


Duration: 2 days

Number of participants: 10 – 25

Place: Online

Trainers: Ivan Zografski, Lela Anastasova, Ana Mijovska


Course Curriculum

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