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Virtual team building



1. Иван Зографски

CEO & co-founder at Solveo

2.Ана Мијоска

Design Thinking Facilitator

3.Лела Анастасова 

Project Lead & Design Thinking Facilitator

Course Overview

What is a virtual team building?

Virtual team building is an ongoing process of bringing together teams working remotely. The approach of the teams in this way enables the creation of an atmosphere and environment similar to that in the offices.

Although some people believe that team building exercises are a waste of time, statistics show that they improve team effectiveness and help build and gain trust (10% -15% upwards). For this purpose, the transformation into a virtual team building is equally useful.

The virtual team building differs only in that the teams are not physically in the same place – but are online. Each member of the team is in front of their computer and interactively participates in the activities using various online tools. Many traditional exercises, such as icebreakers, various challenges, shared meals, etc., can be easily adapted for virtual activities.


Why is a (virtual) team building needed?

Physical distancing from offices and colleagues can quickly turn into emotional distancing. Allow your employees to feel comfortable at work again. Give them a positive experience during the adaptation period when returning to the offices and make the merging of the teams fun and interesting for everyone.

The virtual team building consists of several carefully crafted strategies, games and activities aimed at bringing more human interaction to the virtual work. It will help the people in your team connect with each other – it will make them feel part of the community again!

And of course, happier team leads to greater retention and employee productivity!


What is the purpose of the Virtual Team Building?

Hundreds of thousands companies across America, Europe and Asia have allowed their employees to work from home because of Covid-19.

However, for many people, remote team management is a real challenge.

Because teams do not work together physically, they miss the chance to socialize, share, and share ideas and solutions with teammates. This can create a situation where employees feel isolated – which will affect their teamwork, mental health and productivity!

The virtual team building is a fantastic way to strengthen, empathy and cohesion to facilitate communication and collaboration with the virtual team.


Who is the virtual building team for?

Benefits for the employees and teams:

  • The virtual team building creates a support system for physically distant members. It can improve teamwork and project management through team building, as well as making new employees feel welcome in the new environment.
  •  Gradually, companies are returning to work regularly for all employees. The following period is the time of adaptation and re-adjustment of the working environment. An unusual team building will be an ideal refreshment for your team / employees.
  • In addition to reuniting employees, Virtual Team Building is followed by education. The teams will be introduced to the Design Thinking process / methodology that they will be able to apply in their daily work.


Benefits for the Leaders and Managers:

  • Fun merging activities are great not only for employees, but also for managers to get closer to the teams they lead!
  • Through educational games and activities, you will have the opportunity to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each employee.
  • In this way, more efficient management and delegation of tasks is achieved. You will build a positive relationship with each employee and learn what each employee expects of you as a leader.
  • This can greatly improve your leadership skills!

Connecting teams / employees increases their motivation, efficiency and collaboration. This makes employees feel connected and valued, which in turn makes them highly committed to their tasks and to the organization in general.

Employee morale and creativity activities allow managers to recognize the talents and skills of each employee, making a more efficient delegation of tasks.


Duration of the virtual team building:

This type of team building provided 1 business day, filled with interactive activities. If the needs of the company are different, we are ready to respond to your requests accordingly.


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Duration: 1 day – 6 hours

Number of participants: at least 10

Place: Online


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