Innothink is the first program in Macedonia that transforms the way we work every day, using the Design Thinking methodology. The Innothink program offers online training and coaching to encourage team spirit and creativity in employees and to introduce new innovations in the company. Through this process, a number of companies around the world have risen to the top of the market, stood out from their competitors, and become recognizable for their innovation.

We are now redirecting our energy to the virtual world, where during the interactive sessions, you will experience a new kind of creative workshop. With the help of our certified facilitators, you will feel like you are all together in one place. By cooperating and socializing, you will learn new applicable tactics and get new ideas on how to respond to challenges and how to develop the company.

What is Design thinking?

Design thinking is an innovative method that transforms the way we work every day. DT is a creative process that introduces new solutions based on the needs of users. This methodology allows to identify key needs of each user or person, to quickly create tested prototypes and to bring new innovations that will be appropriate for the identified needs.

This interactive online workshop will provide you a bold innovation start in your company with the help of Design Thinking tools. You will work practically on a challenge in the direction of human needs, where our qualified facilitators will guide you live throughout the process. By combining virtual sessions, group and homework, you will gain practical knowledge and experience to apply Design Thinking in your daily work.



Лела Анастасова

Project Lead & Design Thinking Facilitator

Lela is a professor who, with unconventional tools and in a creative way, approaches the Design Thinking methodology to her listeners. She acquiered a certified Design Thinking license to extend the positive effect this methodology has with a wider audience.


Иван Зографски

CEO & co-founder at Solveo

Ivan has organized and mentored several projects and workshops for design thinking. As part of an international project, Ivan has become a licensed design thinking trainer. Ivan is co-founder of Solveo, the first innovation agency in Macedonia and as part of Solveo he founded the Innothink program.


Ана Мијоска

Design Thinking Facilitator

Ana is a licensed design thinking mentor within the international Design Thinking for Kids program. She has participated in several workshops for design thinking for children and is the mentor of the children’s design thinking afterschool program. She also appears as a facilitator of the workshops organized by Solveo..