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Virtual training for innovation



1. Иван Зографски

CEO & co-founder at Solveo

2.Ана Мијоска

Design Thinking Facilitator

3.Лела Анастасова 

Project Lead & Design Thinking Facilitator

Course Overview

Personalized digital workshop and training to introduce new innovative solutions, products or services tailored specifically to your team and company. Refresh your ideas with new tools using Design Thinking methodology.

Why training for inspiring innovation?

Companies often face difficulties and challenges when it comes to introducing innovation in the company. According to the Harvard Business Review, the main hurdle is corporate culture and the way corporations work every day. In order to introduce innovation in the company and successfully implement new products or services, it is necessary to initially introduce a new perspective and a new ‘mindset’ among employees.

What is the purpose of the training?

Through this personalized two-day workshop, using the Design Thinking methodology, a new way of thinking and functioning of the corporate culture in the company will be introduced. The innovative method transforms the way we work every day. It is a creative process through which new solutions are introduced based on the needs of the users.

What do you need to be part of the training?

Access to this training is easy and simple and tools will be used that will be practical for your work. The basic tools that will be used for this workshop are Zoom and Google Drive.

Why is the DT methodology so popular?

Design Thinking methodology is one of the most popular methods used to create products and services according to customer needs and will offer a solution to a particular challenge. This methodology allows to identify key needs of each user or person, to quickly create and test prototypes as well as to bring innovations that will suit the identified needs.

Duration of the training:

The total duration of the virtual innovation workshop is 2 consecutive days.


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